Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Murder on the bike path

This kind of story freaks me out completely.

Girl 14 murdered.

I've spent a lot of days and time this summer on many Montreal bike baths, as well as streets. From early morning until early evening and all hours in between. Then I hear or read about this kind of thing happening and start questioning if I'm being safe enough. Not always, I'll admit. But what's the alternative? Live afraid of doing anything? Become paranoid and never leave the house? Probably there is no good and proper answer.

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Why said...

Funnily enough, I was thinking the same thing about my solo walks in the woods. I was reading about the murder of a young girl several years ago in a wooded area in town. The murdered was out of jail for the weekend (unchaperoned) and apparently he had the urge to kill and hid in the woods for hours, waiting for someone "suitable" to pass by. This girl was on her bike, as it happens. Who's to say no one's hiding in MY woods? I think I'll stick to open fields in future.