Friday, August 24, 2007

Wait a second ...

Imagine if you will, I decide to open my purse mid-morning to add some kleenex to my supply and discover to my HORROR that my train ticket in NOT IN MY BAG!!!

Panic stations.

Much cursing and muttering under my breath.

And then after some online chatting with Why, I decided to buy some bus tickets, take the bus home, get my ticket and catch the next bus back downtown. With any luck, I figured I could do this in just under an hour.

Didn't quite turn out like that.

The bus was 3 minutes late (so already I now only had 1 minute to catch the return bus if I did get home on schedule - you see where this is going, right?), there was lots of noon hour traffic, a 6 block detour and a slow driver. The bus back downtown that I was supposed to be on, passed my bus while I was still heading home. Got my ticket. Called a taxi. Got back downtown in just over an hour.

I spent $11-something on bus tickets and $12 for a taxi.

That'll teach me to things out of my purse at 5:30am on the day I travel.

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