Friday, September 07, 2007

Once Upon a Teacup

This morning we finally had our tea party at Once Upon a Teacup. Sue's friend Jerilee came with her two kids, Alyssa and Joel. We ordered our tea, scones and apple slices for the kids and then proceeded to the costumes. They had piles of dresses to choose from. Darcy got her purple dress, gloves, crown, hat, purse, and feather boa that she'd been harping on about for the last few days. We took some fun pictures and the girls really seemed to revel in the excitement on putting on a princess dress for tea. There were even a couple of dresses there that looked like they might fit me but I managed to hold back.

Wesley slept through the whole affair and Joel sat in his stroller taking it all in. We managed to find pirate hats for both of them, which was pretty funny. Particularly as Wesley's hat was nearly as big as he is!

My mom arrived mid-afternoon after an early morning start from Montreal and had a safe trip back from Switzerland yesterday and good trip today. After an initial game of playing shy, Darcy warmed up to her Grandmaman and pretty soon they were laughing and cuddling like nobody's business.

After a nice raclette dinner (and one incident where Darcy had half a small tomato across her front teeth which made me snort), we took our evening constitutional down to the river park and ended up getting caught in the rain on our way home. Darcy was the only one lucky enough to have an umbrella with her and thought it great fun when the rest of us got wet.

Last day tomorrow and then home on Sunday. Where has the time gone?


Why said...

I didn't realise your mom had been to Switzerland. Is her mother alright? Your mom must have been exhausted from all that travelling. Say hi to her for me.

Stef said...

Her mother is doing better, once again. When she went it seemed that Grandmaman could die at any moment. However, as has happened several times before, she seems to hanging on strong.