Saturday, September 01, 2007


I don't know how she does it, or what exactly she does, but when Darcy does something funny with her food and Nick gets mad at her, about all I can do is cover my face with my hands before Darcy sees me burst into laughter.

Happened again tonight. Darcy was getting some help from Nick finishing up her snack of yoghurt and stuck her tongue out to lick at the spoon. OK - I know she was fooling around, I'd been watching her eat it as Nick tidied up in the kitchen. But Nick got all "Darcy, eat properly" as she stuck her tongue out and somehow a snort escaped me. A few shakes of laughter too, of course. And then Nick actually said "Auntie Stef!" to reprimand me! Can you believe it?!

Well, yes, I suppose I can believe it. But it was funny! I had to laugh.

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Why said...

Good to see you're being a good influence!