Monday, June 02, 2008

Like father like daughter

After visiting another serious potential on the condo front yesterday, and revisiting another one, I had to put some numbers down on paper to compare and calculate what I can afford.

This isn't something I can do by myself though. I need my Dad to help me with the formulas, etc. While I was waiting for him to finish up his own condo selling business (May was apparently condo month in the Titcombe Family - my parents sold their place, Eric moved into his new place and I've visited over a dozen places), I started a little spreadsheet and input a few numbers. And then, about an hour or so later, I discovered that I am very much my father's daughter. The way I formatted my spreadsheet was EXACTLY the same was as he did his own - even though he did it on paper. We had a good laugh as I kept saying "I did it that way too!" Mom just rolled her eyes a little (a lot).

Cool though, eh?

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Sue Titcombe said...

That's really funny, and yet not all that surprising! Can't wait to hear how your search turns out.