Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What is it with flip flops?

Are my feet made wrong? How come the longest I can wear flip flops is the distance from my locker at the gym to the showers and back? This past weekend I ripped, and I do mean RIPPED the inside of my toes to shreds wearing flips flops to our race on Saturday. So much so that I had to wear running shoes the following day and just wear the flip flops to the boat and back. And even though I had some serious bandaids covering the shredded areas - I'm almost positive they got even more ripped up. I know this because last night I had to go in with my teeny-tiny scissors and start clipping away the dead skin that was flapping around.

The thing is, I see people wearing flip flops all the time. They seem to wear them 24/7 as soon as it's warm enough (actually they wear them even before I think it's warm enough but that's another subject entirely). How do they wear them and not have their little tootsies ripped, shredded, bleeding and in agonizing pain? Are they wearing expensive flip flops? Do flip flops come in crap, not so crap and actually ok categories? I've had a number of pairs over the years, some more expensive than others, yet each pair has left me blistered beyond belief.

I suppose I could agonize over this fact even more or maybe I should just take it as a sign that I'm meant to wear expensive shoes ... or maybe I'm meant not to wear any shoes at all and just hang out at the beach foot naked.


Sue Titcombe said...

I am truly puzzled by this too. I bought a pair of flip flops (at Roots - $12.99) this year for wearing around with the kids. The first time I wore them my feet got shredded. I'm trying to wear them just around the house now to break them in.

However, last summer when I was in the hospital Nick went to Dollarama to buy me a pair to wear around the hospital. I never had one problem with them and still use them for watering plants around the house.

How does that make sense?

hot mittens said...

i also have this problem! but i get it with nearly every pair of summery shoes i wear, the first few times i wear them (even if i'd worn them the previous summer). and you're both right - there is no sense to it! eric threatened to wrap me head to toe in moleskin to stop this season's blistering. weird stuff.

Stef said...

Yeah, I'm ready for the moleskin people and the elastoplast people to offer me shares in their companies given the amount of their stuff I'm going through right now.