Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Problems Dressing

Don't know what exactly my problem is, but lately I've had some problems dressing myself.

Last Friday was a particularly bad day for dressing myself and today it happened again. Allow me to explain.

Friday I wore a cool blouse (quite see-through) with a little cami (for modesty) underneath. The problems I had were with the cami. When I put it on in the morning, I didn't realize that I didn't put my left arm through the strap properly. Of course the strap irritated me all morning long. But it wasn't until about 11am that I decided to check things out. Went into a bathroom stall, took off the blouse and realized that I'd somehow missed getting my arm through the strap altogether and it was just attached to the blouse with the little snap thing at the shoulder. Fixed that and went on with my day. I did notice though that the cami kept rising and didn't seem to sit right. Paid it no mind and just figured it was me. Went out after work, got home around 11:30pm and then, as I was getting into my pj's, saw that I'd not only put the cami on back to front, but also inside out. Honestly - you'd think I'd gotten dressed in the dark! But no, I had 5 bright light bulbs all going full strength in the bathroom.

Now for today's problem. Not nearly so embarrassing, but still. Today it's supposed to be quite warm (26C, with a humidex of 29C!) so I decided to wear a little burgundy cami with sequins along the top and a light cardi to cover up while I'm in the office. Fine. Was running behind schedule so threw on the clothes after my shower. Except had another problem with the straps. But none of this I noticed until about 30 seconds before I was to leave the house! Panic in front of the door - off with cardi and cami. One strap I had apparently pulled tight and the other completely loose and then put the cardi on inside out. Fixed both cami straps and managed to get both arms in the right holes. Turned cardi right side out and managed to do the buttons up properly before running to catch with bus.

Made it with about 30 seconds to spare. Phew! Quite a morning.


Why said...

Ok, now that I've finished rolling around the floor laughing, I can comment. Although I really don't know what to say. What could I possibly say? Just picture me standing there with one raised eyebrow and an open-mouthed stare. A gigantic "HUH?" forming over my head. Thanks for that, Stef, you made my day!

Stef said...

So glad I could be of service.

Why said...

Yeah, well, it was even funnier than your Swiss Snake Dance!