Friday, May 05, 2006

Concert announcement

Here's what I had planned to post last Friday.

Radiohead is playing in Montreal on June 10 and 11. Am I going?


(Well, only to the show on June 11 because Anna had to go and get married on the 10th and I've already said I'd go to that.)

However, due to circumstances beyond my control, that is not what I'm going to be able to announce. Here's what actually happened:

12:00pm - start hitting the refresh button on the admission site, start dialing their phone number as well.

12:01 - Keep getting the same message on the web site telling me that they have reached their maximum number of online users, please try again in a few minutes. Keep getting "access denied" message on the phone.

12:02 - 12:08 - Same

12:09 - Actually get a busy signal on the admission telephone line. One more try and I manage to get through to an agent. Relief was short lived as she was only able to sell me one ticket to the Saturday night show. Nothing else was available. I bought the ticket and hung up. (I bought the ticket knowing I wouldn't be able to go that night, but figured I'd be able to sell it to one of my brothers.)

12:10 - 12:40 - Kept trying to get through online, while managing to produce work (talk about multi-tasking).

12:41 - Gave up. Knew the tickets were gone by then.

Am disappointed in this turn of events. I feel for the fans who patiently stood in line for several hours at an admission kiosk waiting to buy tickets, only to have the first person in that line find out that there were no tickets left at 12:01. I feel for the fans who tried desperately to get through by phone or online who were rewarded for their persistence with nothing. Honestly - as much as I do love technology, I really think that in this instance it would've been better to go back to the old way - everybody standing in line overnight, signing their name on a sheet and being sure to get tickets to a concert.

I really don't understand how all those tickets got sold so fast. This really sucks.


Why said...

So that's why you had no time to email me on Friday.....

Stef said...

Hey - it was my lunch hour!