Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Results

Sorry for the delay in announcing this.

And the winner is ...

Not Mom, but it didn't matter. It really was cool to see her up there among so many other women who all have made a tremendous impact in their community through their dedication and hard work.

I had planned to go on a little about the evening, but it was a week ago already and I've kinda forgotten what I was gonna say. Suffice it to say - it was a great night. Really empowering for women.


Darcy's Mama said...

I'd been wondering about this, and forgot to get Nick to ask last night when he called to wish your Dad a happy birthday.

I think this is definitely a case where it's an amazing honour to be nominated, even though she didn't win. I'm glad you both had a good night.

Why said...

I agree with Sue. It's such an honour just to be nominated, but it sure would have been nice if she'd won. However, whoever knows Gigi will know what a wonderful, caring, devoted woman she is.