Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Kinda late on this post.

Spent Saturday afternoon at "il balletto" with my Mom. She managed to get some free tickets (I'm still not quite sure how) a week after I'd asked her what she knew about this particular ballet and the story of Giselle.

The performance was incredible. Forgive me, but I must repeat myself. It was incredible. The music was beautiful, the dancing awe inspiring. Just thinking of the practice required to have 20 people dancing the same exact movements, the strength and stamina necessary for this was incredible (sorry, I gotta start using the thesaurus). The dancing was truly sublime.

This version was done by the Houston Ballet company. The only other live ballet I have ever seen was The Nutcracker (and this only last December).

All in all a thrilling afternoon. Am so glad I got to experience this.

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