Monday, May 29, 2006

Sore Sit Bones

This weekend we had the ultimate good weather. Warm, little breeze, low humidity. Perfect for all kinds of outdoor activity. Well, OK, not exactly swimming weather for me, but still. I managed to get outside without a jacket.

Yesterday Mom and I went on a bike ride and from what I was able to figure out from the map, we biked about 30k. It was beautiful biking along the Lachine Canal, La Grande Jetée and then back home along the river. We even got to stop for a well deserved tasty sorbet treat! We were both tired and a little sore in the legs and bum by the time we got home. The worst for me was after dinner, having to get back on my bike to make the short 10-minute ride home - I really discovered how sore my sit bones were. I was tempted to ride home standing up but the lack of strength in my legs had me sitting down pretty fast.

This morning is no different. After doing my exercise dvd at home, I was stretching and found out just how sore I still am as I leaned forward on one set of stretches. The sit bones they are making themselves know. Ouch. Think I'll just walk home tonight.

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Bill & Gigi said...

I am also very sore today. This morning I biked to work -- it wasn't too bad, but tonight, I was biking against the wind and I thought I wasn't going to make it home. But I did and I think I'll take the day off tomorrow. The old body isn't was it used to be!!!