Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Pasta with Tomatoes and Ricotta

Monday night I made this.

My comments: The recipe called for diced tomatoes and then told you to puree them - why not just buy pureed tomatoes? But I didn't read that before hand. In the end I decided to just puree them a little bit because I like chunks of tomatoes. Couldn't find orecchiette at my local grocery store, so used some nice big (whole wheat) rotini instead. And because I'm watching the calories these days, I used a low fat ricotta. It was a very easy, simple and quick recipe, but a touch on the bland side. Maybe I didn't use enough salt & pepper (or maybe it was because of the low fat ricotta, or maybe it was because of the pasta, as mentioned in the comments about this recipe). Think I'll keep the recipe and try it again sometime with different pasta and a better cheese.

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Angry Gnome said...

You know, I like pasta but I don't love it. I prefer rice. I do not know why.