Monday, October 30, 2006

Mr. Clean Magic

Yesterday I did my weekly clean at home. There was a ferocious wind blowing so I decided to put a little elbow grease behind my cleaning efforts. My bathroom floor is a white tile floor. I've noticed over the past few months that it's been getting kind of grey and grimy looking and no amount of mopping or scrubbing seemed to help. I had previously used the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on a few household items to great success but hadn't tried it on the floor yet. What was I waiting for?! I have NEVER seen a product work so well, so fast. My bathroom floor is so shiny and white and ungrimy looking now! Really - I nearly took a picture of a dirty tile next to a clean tile - that's what kind of difference it made.

I was so pleased with the power of this product that I went right out (well, not right out, I did finish my cleaning first) and bought the heavy duty version of this cleaning pad so I can take a crack at the grout lines next week. Oh, the possibilities!

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Darcy's Mama said...

Did you know you can get a whole case of the Magic Erasers at Costco? I'm a big fan.