Saturday, October 07, 2006


This morning's round of shopping in Windsor started off well enough, I was able to get myself a funky pair of boots for the fall (for quite a sweet price too). But after lunch at home and a nap, we headed out to the outlet malls and things went downhill from there. I was looking for something to wear next Saturday night and wasn't able to find a thing. As we had planned to eat dinner at a restaurant there, during our meal Mom asked if I'd had a look at this Olsen Europe store. I hadn't, so we decided that the girls (Mom, Sue & I) would stay for a little more retail therapy while the guys (Dad and Nick) took Darcy home. At first glance the shop didn't seem to have much in my price range although they did have some nice outfits, and they also had a bunch of sample items, in one size (still about a size or two too big). Then I found the 90% off racks. A quick trip to the try on the one sweater and skirt in my size and what do you know - I have an outfit! Even better - instead of paying $290 before tax, I ended up only paying $23.71, all taxes included! Can we say SCORE!!! Seeing as I'd only spent about a third of what I'd imagined I would spend, we took a quick trip around the rest of the shops to look for a jacket for Sue (also has a big event coming up) and a jacket for me. At our last stop, Danier Leather we hit pay dirt. Sue I'm sure will tell us all about her jacket soon. I got myself a lovely suede plum coloured jacket ($59 instead of $199 - Score!). Not sure that I can wear it next week (because of the neckline on the sweater I will be wearing), but I will be able to wear it with lots of other things.

Feeling very pleased that I did so well today. At dinner I was really starting to get kinda down because after all that shopping I hadn't been able to find anything. Anyway, all ended well!

The drive to Windsor last night was long. Traffic was heavy most of the way and construction slowed us down too so it was about 12:30am when we finally got here. This morning the first noise I heard was Darcy running around upstairs, calling "Daddy! Daddy! My Daddy!" We had fun with Darcy today, taking her shopping and listening to her chatter away, which gets easier to understand all the time.

Tomorrow we'll be celebrating Thanksgiving. Sue made the stuffing tonight so it's starting to smell like good food already! Sorry to Uncle Marky-Sharky and Uncle Eric that you can't be here - it's bound to be interesting and eventful (and I will do my best to get it all on film).

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