Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Swimming Pros & Cons

Decided to hit the pool this morning instead of my usual cardio workout in the gym. Now I remember why I only like to swim in the summer. Hang on - think I need to make a list.

Pros to swimming inside all winter:
- I like to swim
- I don't feel sweaty

Cons to swimming inside all winter:
- It's cold walking around in a bathing suit, even if I'm still dry
- The pool water isn't that warm
- Even after 30 minutes of steady swimming, I still feel cold
- I get all shivery walking around in a wet bathing suit
- Even after a shower I still feel kinda cold
- Even after a shower, moisturizer and perfume, I can still smell the pool on me

Right, so I'm not sure how much swimming I'll be doing this winter but it doesn't seem like a lot.

1 comment:

ymzehnder said...

Too bad you won't be swimming the Caribbean....