Friday, February 17, 2006

Dishes in the sink

Had a little 5 à 7 (ok, so maybe it was more like a 7 à 12) last night for my friend Sina who has left the corporate world to embark on a new career as a massage therapist. It was a small gathering, only Super C, Sina and myself.

I made a variety of small nibbly food: lemon garlic humus, pita chips, cut veggies with french onion dip, crab crescent rolls, shrimp stuffed mushrooms, homefries and a pear/blackberry clafouti for dessert.

Us girls had a good ol' natter, discussed life, love and work, had some great laughs and generally just enjoyed being in the company of other fabulous women. Thanks for coming ladies, I had a great time!

Of course, with all the cooking there were dishes that had to be done and although I did do the dishes, our tea cups and saucers, plus a few plastic containers (emptied when I gave the girls some leftovers to take home) remained in the sink. Wait, it gets worse - these dishes stayed in the sink overnight! It's shocking, I know. But look how far I've come! I didn't even unload the dishwasher last night. In fact, it is now Friday morning and the dishwasher is still full of clean dishes and the sink still has dirty dishes in it. How's that for loosening up?! Pretty impressive, I think.

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Why said...

Oh my GAWD! You, Stef, left dirty dishes in the sink? OVERNIGHT??? What is the world coming to?????