Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Tips for Guys

In an effort to educate the sometimes idiotic men I have come to know, below are a few tips that men may find useful in dealing with women:

- If you are only interested in 'dating' women and not in having a long-term relationship, please remove your profile from the 'relationship' section of whatever online dating service you're using.

- Please do not depend on email as your preferred method of communication.

- If the woman you are dating takes the time to make you a mixed tape/cd (whatever the technology of the moment), take the time to listen to it and thank her for her efforts. It can also be a topic of conversation when you next meet.

- If a woman asks you to participate in an activity, see a movie, join friends for drinks, etc. it would be considered polite to accept at least 1 of every 6 invitations (if not more).

And to end today's lesson:

- If you're 'just not that into her' don't waste her time by dating her for a couple of months.

More tips soon.

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