Thursday, February 16, 2006

More Tips for Guys

- Women, no matter how independent and modern they may be, like to be asked out. We also like to be wined and dined on a Saturday night. Yes, it's true.

- On the rare occasion that you do call her, if she doesn't answer, please leave a message. If you don't, she won't know you called.

Next one is a big one.

- Don't lie. About your height, your age, how long you've been single, etc. The truth will eventually come out and however small and insignificant you think those little white lies may have been at the beginning, they will turn into big stinking lies eventually. I promise.

- If you have a cell phone and a local home phone, please give out both numbers without reservation. If you don't you will be looked upon suspiciously and considered to be hiding something or someone.

More tips soon.


Why said...

You should publish this!

Stef said...

Oh, believe me - I'm thinking of it.

nickt said...

It would fit nicely under the "... for Dummies" series

Why said...

Under the heading "Men."