Thursday, February 02, 2006


I wasn't able to do my little cardio Pilates routine this morning (thank you to my boots that are implements of torture and have given me huge blisters on both heels) so I turned the TV to ONE and did Living Yoga with Padma. I prefer not to practice yoga with a TV show due to all the commercial breaks, but I was up and needed to do something. Anyway, today's show concentrated on back strengthening poses, balance postures and brought the focus back to breathing using 'madhuram' (Sanskrit meaning sweet or essential sweetness).

I know for myself in times of stress I have trouble relaxing and therefore breathing, but I have also noticed recently that I am actually taking the 10 or 15 seconds I need to just breathe. Today Padma told her audience to 'breathe and smile' starting from the inside. As you breathe let your belly smile, let your lungs smile, let your back smile and so on. By the end, you are smiling from the inside out. It sounds kinda corny and all 'new age' but, you gotta do what works for you. This morning it worked for me.

It doesn't take long to take 10 seconds to breathe and smile. Padma called it a "10 second yogi break". Who doesn't have 10 seconds in their day to do something as simple as breathe and smile? And who knows, maybe you'll start smiling from the inside out too.


Darcy's Mama said...

I need something like this today. I am having a terrible day. I'm taking time to breathe and smile from the inside (but that's hard, because I just came from the dentist).

Breathing, breathing, breathing...

Angry Gnome said...

R i g h t.