Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Travel Ban Lifted

On March 12 I read the following article in The Gazette.

Tripoli - Libya yesterday backtracked on a decision to ban women under 40 years old from leaving the country unless accompanied by a close male relative. A statement said the foreign ministry "strongly denies reports it issued a ban on Libyan women under the age of 40 from travelling without "Mahram" - someone such as a father, brother or uncle. The official Al-Jamahiriya newspaper reported the ban on Wednesday, denouncing it as a "flagrant violation of women's rights to freedom on movement."

I have a hard time believing the government would even suggest such a ban in this day and age. What kind of stupid asses would even dare put that out there as media fodder? Are these cavemen that are running the country? Makes me want to spit on the idiot who dreamed up this fool idea.

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nickt said...

We are talking about Libya, though. No real surprise there. That's one of the few countries in the world that Canada is very strict on letting people to and from.