Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Travel Update #5

Tuesday, Feb. 20

National Holiday – Mardi Gras

Another long, hot, sweaty and busy work day. Julia and I helped Keith put up the remaining ceiling tracks in the bedroom and bathroom this morning and then also got the bedroom painted (lilac, Shirla’s choice) and I managed to about half of the kitchen painted (white). Also managed to get paint in more places than I can count. How do I do that?

The guys worked hard on the roof again and were in need of a 3pm quitting time (they started at 6:30am). They’ve been working hard and fast and it shows. Think Keith took them back to the hotel for a swim and dinner on their own.

Sounds like there were a few less kids (due to Mardi Gras? It really is a Nat. Hol. All shops are closed, businesses, etc.) at VBS today but that it was more organized.

We took Shirla out to Mi Ranchito for dinner tonight. Bit of a mix up in our reservation and so we ended up at Pencas, just down the road, same owner, basically same menu. I enjoyed the "ceviche de camarones y fillete de corvino a la plancha con vegetal del dia" (aka shrimp ceviche and grilled corvino (local fish) with salad). It was simple, but nice.

Back to the city, dropped Shirla at her daughter’s in town and then home to the hotel. Shirla's daughter is a translator. She's well educated, married, couple of kids. She works, her husband works. I really thought they would live better than what we saw tonight. Even the worst areas of Montreal are nothing compared to where these people live. Shocking. My own little home is a palace in comparison.

Must remember to mention that for break this morning we had ice cream bars! Yikes, ice cream, twice in 2 days! Better watch out for next week and the bikini! But maybe all the physical labour will work off all the extra calories ... ?

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Would you shut up already about having ice cream twice in two days???? Sheesh!