Thursday, March 22, 2007

Travel Update #12

Tuesday, Feb. 27

Sometime in the afternoon …

Have had a very busy day. Out of the door by 9am. Zac and Steph dropped me off at a little café so I could jolt myself awake. They both headed off to work. Once I was done with my coffee I caught the local bus/mini van into Georgetown. This cost me CI$2. There was a guy who seemed to be waiting as well, so I checked with him that he was waiting for the bus and watched the way he flagged it down (for future reference). That took me straight into the middle of downtown Georgetown in about 10 minutes.

Think it was about 10am by the time I got in there. Wandered around for over an hour. Seems the bulk of the shops cater solely to the cruise ship crowd and not much else. I did pop into a few of the places to check out the merchandise but figured it would be way out of my price. Have seen a lot of this “black coral” around and while they do make some beautiful jewellery from it, I can’t imagine that it’s eco-friendly to do this. Only thing I did buy was a nice picture book and a few postcards.

Headed back home around noon, got changed into my bathing suit, gathered a few things and headed here (the beach). Have been busy swimming, reading, writing postcards, people watching and napping. Phew – it’s a lot to accomplish all in one day, but I did it.

Rented myself a chair and umbrella down here in front of Calico Jack’s. Glad I did as it is nothing but sun down here, not a cloud in the sky and no trees for shade.

The beach was crowded with the cruise ship crowd, lots of families, kids, etc. But over the last hour the crowd that thinned out a lot. Am at one end of the Calico Jack beach area, pretty much by myself. Does it get any better? This is just what I needed.

Think Steph and I are going for all you can eat lobster tonight (at Decker’s) while Zac has band practice. Good thing I had a light lunch! This is going to be delicious!


Why said...

Oh man, how did the lobster turn out??? Sounds like an idealic day...

Stef said...

You'll have to wait for tomorrow's post!