Friday, March 16, 2007

Travel Update #8

Friday, Feb. 23

After a long, hard day, I was lucky enough to end it in the pool, by myself, under the stars. Now that was a treat.

This morning started off early. Can’t believe it’s been a week since we left our various cities to meet here. It’s flown by. Anyway, we were all at work just after 7am and many of the team worked non-stop until 6pm. I finished up in the house and all the rooms turned out very well, if I do say so myself. Julia and I sorted through Shirla’s room and tried to put thing back into place, as much as possible. Same for the kitchen and bathroom. I did a good cleaning of the place again and by the end it really did look like a nice little home. Certainly a big difference from our first day.

While we were waiting for the VBS-ers to get back, I had a chance to talk with Stan and Bob. Stan was busy cleaning the public bathroom floor (the one Bonnie and Catherine painted). We teased him a little about that. But really, what a nice guy. And Bob too. The little chat we had was the most I heard him speak all week. My first impressions of them haven't changed. They are both nice, hard working, genuine and honest people.

When Julia came back from VBS, Bob took her, Catherine, Bonnie and me up to the roof for a look at the work the guys did. So impressive. There was also a great view and we shot a few fun pictures from there.

For dinner tonight Shirla and some of the local ladies made us a wonderful goodbye dinner. Arroz con pollo y ensalada de papas (Rice with chicken and potato salad). Not exactly a light meal, especially when followed by a (belated) birthday cake and ice cream, but tasty! Shirla also made another batch of the lime and sugar cane juice. Think I’m addicted to that now.

Shirla and the ladies made a lovely (and long) presentation to thank us for all our work on the church and her quarters, as well as the efforts made with the kids. It was quite amazing. They also presented each of us with a Panama beaded bracelet and a Kuna style glasses case. Catherine also bought us these bright yellow t-shirts (hideous) with a huge Salvation Army crest on them. This is even after she asked me if I wanted one and I am positive I was clear in my “no”. It even has my name on it! Honestly, why would you do that?!

Anyway, we finally did manage to pack up, get everyone in the van (after about a million of the kids jumped in and out for half an hour telling us they were coming back to Canada with us) and headed back to the city by about 8pm.

Looks like Julia and I will do a shopping tomorrow morning, with or without the group, we’re not quite sure, but we’ll surely end up on our own, that I know! It will be nice to walk along the main drag and also the pedestrian shopping area. Must remember to pick up some of that Duran coffee again.

I’m such an idiot sometimes, it’s amazing I get around as well as I do. Tonight when we got back to the hotel I ran up to the room to change and figured Jules would be up in a minute or two. But by the time I was ready to head up to the pool, she still wasn’t back yet, so I thought I’d call Keith’s room to see if she was there. No answer. On my way up to the pool I stopped by the room and knocked. No answer. Oh well, I went up and had my swim (all by myself!) and on the way down again tried at the door – still no answer. As I came down the stairs I saw that Catherine and Jessica’s door was open and also that Dave was sitting in the hallway. Asked them if they’d seen Julia and/or knew which room Keith was in. Nobody knew anything. In fact, Dave thought Keith was on the 4th floor, but I was pretty sure he was on the 5th. Anyway, no luck with that motley crew so I tried to call again from my room. Still no answer. Had my shower, got into my pj’s and started writing. As I’m doing this Julia finally appears. She tells me she’s been with her Dad. All cool, no sweat. Until I mention that I tried to call them and knock on the door and all that jazz. Only to discover that I’d been calling and knocking at the wrong room! Oh man, thank god nobody answered the phone or the door at that room! Julia and I had a good laugh at that. Heh. Another classic Stef moment.


Sue Titcombe said...

Is there going to be a picture of you in your fine new shirt? I'd pay good money to see that!

Why said...

Oh yeah, me too!!!