Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Travel Update #6

Wednesday, Feb 21

Back to Paraiso. Really starting to feel like home there.

By the way, must mention that breakfast at the hotel is really quite substantial and good. There is fresh fruit, yogurt, cereal, toast, eggs (of one type or another), plus some kind of meat, potatoes, cheese, plus coffee and juice. Can’t believe we’re really paying $40 for the room, including breakfast. What a deal. And no bug bites!

At work things are moving along nicely. The rooms that Julia, Keith and myself have been working on are looking good. By the end of today the bedroom was just about finished. A few more tiles on the floor and 1 ceiling tile are all that’s missing. The light is up too. Tomorrow there will be some touch ups to do in there.

Next, the kitchen – 2nd coat of paint is done, ceiling is done, light is up. Tomorrow we’ll clean the floor and lay the tiles.

Bathroom – will have to see with Keith what needs to be done there. For sure more paint in a few areas, plus clean the floor and lay tiles. Probably light is still to go up in there too.

Our roofers opened up the part of the slanted side roof over the office and public bathrooms and fixed it up. This provides more light in the church. Looks great.

We had dinner at the church tonight. I prepared an easy spaghetti dinner for about 8 adults (roofers had already left) and 4 kids (Shirla’s grandchildren). Amazingly I made exactly enough pasta! A little too much sauce (could’ve just used 2 bottles) but oh well. Did well on the bread, mushrooms and carrots. Still some soft drinks left and bread. Not too bad for a meal on the fly.

Tonight when we got home, after a quick clean up, Keith took David, Julia, Stan, Bonnie and me for a drive out to see the Presidential Palace. We also found this little Lover’s Lane type park (actually called Plaza de Francia, memorial to the French who died on the first attempt to build the Canal) and walked there for a bit, interrupting plenty of amorous looking couples. (Bonnie and Stan never did disappear on us, so maybe it wasn’t.) Then we drove over the Bridge of the Americas and found ourselves back in North America, ha ha. On the way home Keith stopped so I could buy some deodorant. We stopped in the Casco Viejo, quite a rough and poor area, especially at night. That was a fun little experience. Some lady apparently didn’t get the correct change while we were there and came barging back in, pushing, shoving and shouting to let us all know.

It was a nice way to spend the evening, little walk, little drive, and some laughs too. A good end to the day.

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