Monday, March 12, 2007

Travel Update #4

Monday, Feb. 19

Forgot to write about this yesterday - while Julia and I were swimming on Sunday morning, Keith reminded Jules of the days when she and Kathryn used to imitate my mom! I was very intrigued by this and Julia had to compose herself before even doing this! (getting better all the time!) So, she dunks under water, comes up with all her hair in front of her face and then kind of swoops it back into a sleek high chignon - and THEN walks about (still in the pool) very elegantly. Well, I nearly fell into the pool from laughing so hard. Wish I'd had my camera with me. Apparently Kathryn and Julia, when they were kids, never saw my mom without her hair pulled into a bun, and always thought her really elegant because of it. And for whatever reason, when they stayed in hotels with pools, came up with this imitation of Gigi. Man, I'm giggling again just thinking about it. V. funny.

Anyway ... early wake up this morning – 6:45. On our way by 7:30 and on the job by 8am.

We all had another very productive day. Julia, Jessica and I got all the base coat of paint on in the three rooms. Already they look brighter, cleaner, newer. A huge improvement.

The guys removed and replaced another huge chunk of the church roof. It’s quite amazing how quickly and efficiently it’s all going. Thanks in great part to Keith’s planning, I’m sure.

Keith and I had a little slow down in our attempts to put up the rails for the ceiling tiles. He ended up going back to the hardware store (apparently 4 times in all today!) and eventually we did manage to get the tiles in the hallway up! And by the end of the day got the rails up in the bedroom as well (nearly in the dark, except for Stan’s cool extension cord with attached lamp). I also measured each wall in the rooms with Stan as my helper. He’s so funny. What a nice, regular guy. His wife, Bonnie, is due in tonight so I’ll meet her tomorrow.

Julia, Jessica, Catherine, Dave and Ken (wrong name - he's called Duncan) started with their Vacation Bible School (“VBS”). This first day went well with about 35 local kids attending. Sounds like they had fun. Hope they take lots of pix.

During that time I chilled in the storage shed (looks like a curling rink from the outside) with the guys – Stan, Paul, Bob and Brad (the roofers). Stan and Bob seem like very good people. Quiet, unpretentious, normal. Brad is still young (18, I think) and acts it but seems to be working very hard and full of energy. Paul is a bit harder to get a handle on. David, our electrician, kept working all day. Not too sure if it’s going well for him or not.

Dinner tonight was cooked entirely by Major Shirla. Wow – a great fresh green salad (could’ve eaten just that myself), a nice rice dish with pigeon peas and pig tail cooked in coconut milk, as well as some chicken with apparently a delicious gravy. Shirla also made this fantastic juice. Kind of pulpy, which I don’t usually like, but this was yummy, sweet and super refreshing! Maybe because I was so sweaty, dirty and thirsty.

We left there by 8:30 and on the way back to the hotel stopped for ICE CREAM! Mmm … I had two (oh man!) scoops. One Swiss Miss Mix (had to) and the other peanut butter chocolate. To die for. Wait until I tell Cecilia I had ice cream in the middle of winter. (OK, so it was about 30C out so I think that makes it OK.) I didn’t even get cold!

Had a most refreshing and much needed shower tonight. Feels perfectly lovely to sit in bed all fresh and smelling pretty. Tired out. Time for bed.

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