Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Travel Update #1

Over the next week or so I'll be providing lots of interesting (or not) details about my working vacation in Panama and about my relaxation vacation in Grand Cayman. Here's the first entry.

Friday, Feb. 16

Was up bright and early this morning despite not really needing to be. Honestly, I could’ve gone to the gym and been back with time to spare, but I suppose it was better that I didn’t and just concentrated on the last minute packing.

Stupid Videotron was acting up again and I couldn't send Why a last minute email.

Dad drove me to the airport. There was a little problem using the machines for check-in but that got sorted (machine wouldn't print my boarding pass). Then I got caught with excess baggage (1 bag weighed 55lbs and the other 59 lbs) so had to pay $60. Oh well, small price to pay to make sure that the girls get all their gifts.

Flight to Miami was on time. Only complaint being Albert & Annabelle, two small children in the row in front of me. These brats had two volumes: shouting and screaming. With the added bonus volumes of whining and crying just about every time I closed my eyes.

Transferring in Miami went fine. It was cold there, only 15C! I was quite shocked and still bundled in about 4 layers of clothing.

Arrived in Panama on time. Keith was just walking in the arrivals door as I walked out with both my bags. Perfect timing. The rest of the group showed up from Toronto about an hour or so later. All their luggage came through as well. Met the rest of the team. Dave Pearo gave me a big hug and said “here’s a hug from your Dad”. I’m pretty sure I saw and spoke to my father more recently than Dave did .. whatever.

On to our home for the next week, the Hotel Costa Inn, and to bed around 1am. Hotel is pretty basic but clean and neat (phew). Sharing a room with Julia, so we should have some laughs. It was a long day. Feeling tired and excited to start our work in Paraiso and of course, to see las ninas at Hogar Dr. Eno.


Blogger_Naut said...

Man, I have to say: I think you are an awesome photographer!

Why said...

I can't wait to read the rest! And I enjoyed the photos immensely!