Thursday, March 15, 2007

Travel Update #7

Thursday, Feb. 22

Hate to go on and on about this, but more hot, sweaty, dirty work. This morning was fairly unproductive by my standards. Julia and I only cleaned 1 bathroom and Shirla’s office and finished the ceiling tiles in the bathroom. I got a couple of loads of laundry out on the line, most of which dried in about an hour. (Ha - Julia did Bob's laundry yesterday! Poor man was running out of t-shirts.)

After lunch (more tuna, thank god I love tuna! good thing Bonnie has taken over doing lunches for this group as I am far too filthy to go anywhere near a food prep area), I got the floors cleaned in the house and finished putting down the floor tiles. Keith has just about finished cutting the smaller pieces. I have vowed not to do any cutting with stuff like exacto knives (the scar on my finger reminds me why). Felt a little more productive after getting that done. Took more pictures of the work in progress.

The roof is about half painted now and all the electric work seems to be done. I’m still curious as to how they plan on finishing the bedroom window with the a/c …

We had a fairly early evening, all of us in the van by 5:30, back to the hotel just before 6 and then off to Mi Ranchito for dinner with Major and Mrs Mendez. Yummy! And I was able to present Major Mendez with another computer (2 others gave to Shirla, plus the other 3 that went to Africa in January). He seemed very appreciative and happy. (Must remember to take a picture of Shirla’s office with the computers up and running.) Keith told me on the way home that Mrs. Mendez looked at her husband after I gave him the computer and told him “that’s for me!” Apparently she hasn’t had her own computer at the office! She just shares with the other people working there!

Tomorrow we’ve got a long day because the Team has decided that it will be our last work day. I’m not quite sure how (so many small things to do) nor do I think it’s fair for Shirla (she's expecting us til Sat). With all that is left in front of us I don’t know how it will get done.

5:45am wake up tomorrow. Time for me to get to sleep.

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