Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Extended Long Weekend

Another 24 hours (ok, actually a little less than 24 hours) and I'll be hitting the road for an extended long weekend. I'm taking the day off on Thursday and Monday so that I can join my parents on the trek to Windsor to visit Nick, Sue & Darcy.

Thursday night I'll be staying with Cathy & Mike in Richmond Hill. Cathy and I worked together at Club Med in Huatulco, Mexico. Think that was in 96/97. Since then we've managed to stay in contact and visit each other in Toronto/Montreal occasionally. I even attended her wedding in Jamaica in 2001. That wedding still tops all the weddings I've ever been to (my apologies to friends and family). Anyway, Cathy and Mike had a baby girl, Serena, just over a year ago and this will be my first visit with them since. I'm excited to see Cathy as a Mom now. We've got some catching up to do!

Then on Friday we'll head out and make the rest of the trip to Windsor. I can't wait to see Darcy (or Darby as she is known to some of my friends, due to my excitement when she was born, I misspelled her name in an email ...). After reading Nick & Sue's blogs for updates on my niece it should be fun to see her in action!

Of course, "fun" is what I say now. By the time we head back on Monday I'm pretty sure my tolerance and patience for 'small child fun' will be spent and I'll be happy to return to my quiet little condo.

Updates next week and probably lots of pictures on flickr too.


nickt said...

We've been showing her pictures of the three of you. In pictures she knows who you are every time. I'm sure that when she sees you she'll go out of her tree.

Stef said...

I can't friggin' wait! I'm sure to go out of my tree too!!!