Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Foodie, Food Snob, Foodanista - Which One Are You?

Recently read an article in Ottawa Magazine that I picked up a while back. The article, The Road to Foodieville, by Chris Knight, brought up some important questions for me. How would I classify myself in the food world - as a Foodie, a Food Snob or a Foodanista?

Before reading the article, I would have considered myself a bit of a Foodie and also a bit of a Food Snob. But now I know better.

Let's discuss the differences (I'm cribbing from Chris Knight's article). A Food Snob would never deign to partake of 30-cent wing night, whereas a Foodie knows where the best chip trucks are. A Food Snob will pay a small fortune for a side of double-smoked yak scrotum so as to impress dinner guests; a Foodie will put immeasurable passion and enthusiasm into cooking an honest meal to please friends. A Foodanista is someone who considers where one dines to be a measure of social status. Foodanistas go to a place because other Foodanistas hang out there trying to be cool, drinking overprices faux martinis while looking at faux wall treatments.

Simply put, a Foodie is someone who considers cooking fun, who sees food as one of life's great recurring pleasures, as an opportunity to pleasure oneself in public without getting arrested.

I'm a Foodie. Which one are you?


Angry Gnome said...

Heh. I guess I be a Foodie, although not as hardcore as you are.

nickt said...

I'm an eatie.

Why said...

Nick, is that similar to an outie?

Why said...

I'm a foody. I'll go for quantity over quality anytime!

nickt said...

I don't enjoy the cooking, but I do enjoy the eating.