Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Sushi & CAA

Had dinner last night with Sina & Cecilia. It was kind of a belated birthday dinner for Cecilia. Sina played hostess to the girls and fed us until we were full to bursting with homemade sushi, cantonese rice and a coconut/red bean paste cake. Mmmm ... it was sooooo good! Thanks again, Sina!

It was a very fun evening. We laughed a lot. And not because alcohol was taken. We didn't have a drop! It all started as Cecilia and I arrived at Sina's. Neither of us could remember which was her house. Cecilia decided we should ring at one house. I wasn't sure it was the right house, but rang the bell anyway. While waiting for someone to answer I peeked in the window and discovered that we were indeed at the wrong house. Luckily no one was home. So we tried the next house. This time we were right as Sina opened the door to us.

Several hours later, in the middle of a conversation about I don't even remember what, Cecilia sits up and starts patting herself down and asking where her keys are. Not in her pockets. Not on the counter. Not on the table. Not on the stairs. Is the car locked? Yes, I do remember hearing the doors lock as she moved away from the car. Thankfully, before complete panic set in, Sina mentioned that she had a CAA membership. She called, explained that the keys were locked in the car, no the car wasn't running. And presto, voilĂ ! in less than an hour there was a CAA truck in front of the house. The ever so charming, cute and young CAA guy, Nicholas, had the car unlocked in less than 5 minutes and gave the three of us plenty to giggle over after he'd gone.

Thanks to Cecilia for two such great laughs in one evening. We won't forget those stories for quite some time!

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Blogger_Naut said...

FYI - I told Charles about the car-key-fiasco as soon as I got home to cut you off at the pass. So there.
For some reason he didn't look too shocked... me wonders what this means...