Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Day 12 - Sunday Cooking

Originally drafted on Sunday, before I had iTunes problems that messed up my head and I needed to vent so this post had to wait.

Venting done. Let's get down to business ...

Recently an acquaintance told me that in her Italian community, the question of the day on a Sunday is "Have you made your sauce yet?"  I smiled and lauged at the time. It made me think that my question of the day on a Sunday is usually "What am I cooking this week?"

For my weekly cook fest, I've only got 2 items to work on. By the way, am still eating last week's leftovers - everything I made, made a lot.  That's lunch Monday and Tuesday sorted!

In pictures:

Kale, potato and rosemary tart - Not so sure about this. Don't feel the potatoes had enough time to cook. **** Update: I was wrong! Potatoes are cooked through! But crust is overcooked and tastes burnt. Gross. The rest is delicious though. Will make it again, with a few modifications.

Homemade tomato sauce, as it was simmering. It got poured on top of some store-bought manicotti pre-stuffed and frozen (shameful, I know) but at least I made my own sauce. We can't all be domestic goddesses every week.

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