Friday, November 29, 2013

Day 29 - TGIF

TGIF, people!

It's been a crazy couple of months at work but I think at long last I see the light at the end of tunnel. Things will slow down a little. She said, forgetting that busy season starts in about 2 months.

Due to all this busyness (the business of being busy, is that really a word?) a certain date has flown by me without even realising it.

It's now been over 5 months since returning home from India. I've been home longer than I was there. This time last year I was counting down the days (about 60) until my departure. Now I'm questioning why I came back, what I'm doing here, when I can go again.

It's not that I'm unhappy to be home. I'm incredibly happy to be home. As much to see my family and friends, as to live in such (comparative) luxury, and be able to move around freely and confidently without worrying about my personal safety at all times.

But I'm still planning to go back one day. The people I met in Hyderabad made a difference in my life. As I follow a few of them now on facebook, it makes me happy to see their pictures and read about their activities. I would love to hang out with them and go caroling in the neighbourhood. (Who am I?!)  What I wouldn't give for just one of Marthamma's dosa with some peanut chutney and a good cup of chai.

So for now, I will keep my eyes open on facebook, maybe buy a lottery ticket more than once in a lifetime, and be open to whatever new adventure comes my way. I'm confident one will.

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