Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Day 19 - Tuesday

Remember when I was in India and I gave you a random daily schedule? How about we do that again, except for here at home? Here's how today went.

6:30:  Alarm went off
7:00:  After hitting snooze every 9 minutes, got up
7:46:  Left home
7:48:  Caught bus to metro
7:50:  Arrived at metro station, ran down short staircase, looooong escalator, and one other staircase to miss it by a second
8:20:  Arrived at work, ate breakfast, drank coffee, read email and started on work not finished the night before
8:45:  Regular work day began - work stuff, and work, work, work
12:00: Conference call to discuss issues on current big project
1:00:  Work
2:00:  Dry run of Wednesday's training
3:00:  Work
5:00:  Finished preparing for Wednesday's training, went through course once more, tested examples once more
6:00:  Crawled to metro, missed bus, crawled home
6:45:  Washed, changed into pyjamas, heated dinner
7:00:  Ate dinner
7:15:  Cleared up dinner, prepared breakfast and lunch for next day
7:30:  Decided what to wear tomorrow, decided against ironing the necessary items, found a sweater to wear instead
8:00:  Decided against walking to pool/going for swim, decided to stay home, stay warm/dry
9:00:  Read/watched something on Netflix and goofed around on computer
10:30:  Lights out

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