Thursday, November 21, 2013

Day 21 - My weird ears or Apple's bad design

First things first:  Got my bangs trimmed tonight and I can see again. It's very exciting.

Second thing:  I could have weird ears. Let me explain.

Until they started making these "earphones" instead of "headphones" I had never been aware that I have weird ears. But apparently so. Ever since my first iPod, some years ago now, I have never been able to wear a pair of their earphones comfortably or properly. They just seem to fall out of my ears before I can even breathe. It's a right pain in the hoo-hah.

Or ... is it the design of these earphones that's weird and my ears are just fine? Is it similar to the way they make clothes to fit a multitude of sizes and shapes and in fact, they fit none? Maybe what I need is custom earphones. These would be pricey, I'm guessing. Kinda the same way custom clothing is (unless you're in India and then you can get a custom outfit made for less than $15.)

I'd seen an article in the news about some company (local Montrealers? I don't remember) and they'd designed these little clips to help keep the Apple earphones in place. My brother (Hi, Eric!) got me a pair for my birthday. I was soooo happy to try these. They do work. Kinda. But not great. The earphones still fall out if my scarf (again with the scarf!) brushes against them or if it's too windy.

The only pair of earphones that ever truly stayed in place for me, were by Sennheiser, and of course that model has been discontinued. The closest thing I've been able to find are these. They were pretty pricey, especially as they'll probably only last about 2 years. But honestly, right now the cost would be worth it not to have to fiddle with stupid earphones every time I attempt to stick them in my ears.

Any other suggestions? Or do I just have weird ears? Wouldn't surprise me if I did.

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