Monday, November 18, 2013

Day 18 - Sunday Cooking

Another week gone by. Another week of food to plan, buy and cook.

Here's what happened in the kitchen yesterday:

Mushroom, spinach and red onion mini-frittata
Mushroom, spinach and red onion mini-frittatas: 

This is pretty tasty. Admittedly, I did add more spices than the recipe called for, just because I know myself.

Now, I don't know if I didn't spray the muffin tins enough or if maybe I need a new muffin pan (likely) but the frittatas stuck to the bottom like crazy. Could also be that they were so jam packed with spinach & mushrooms, that the egg mixture couldn't work it's way down through everything. Could be.

They're great for lunch at work, with a big salad on the side, or a bowl of soup to warm you up on a horrible November day.

Sweet potato & goat cheese puffs
Next:  Sweet potato & goat cheese puffs:

Fun to make, if time consuming. Could use more cheese, for my liking, and more ... spices too.

Turned out well though.

Tried both of these recipes to see if I might use of them for a potluck at work next month. Still undecided. Next weekend I will try something else.

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