Monday, November 04, 2013

Day 4 - Tell me why I don't like Mondays

If ever there was a day that was hard to get through, Monday would be it. Unless of course, it's a Tuesday after a long weekend.

Mondays are hard work. I've been doing some online reading (read: wasting time) to see if there's a reason for this, and all I can tell you is that it's basically a reminder that we work, so we can live, so we can take the occasional holiday. Sigh. Not the most motivating of results.

But at least we have music (you knew this would come up) - and you can thank Mr. Geldof and the rest of The Boomtown Rats for the ever popular, especially on a Monday, Tell Me Why I Don't Like Mondays, to help you through the end of it.

Granted, the history surrounding the song isn't uplifting but Geldof reasoned it was the perfect senseless song to illustrate a senseless act (shooting spree at an elementary school in California.)  Strangely enough, this is another way to remember people who have passed away.

Dia de los muertos
Tell Me Why I Don't Like Mondays
Remembrance Day (Canada)

I'm starting to think November is Remembrance Month. Huh

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