Sunday, November 17, 2013

Day 17 - fashionABLE

 Did I write about this company around this time last year? If you haven't heard about them, go check out their site right now.

Last year, through the power of internet blogs, I found out about this company that trains women to weave as a way of helping them earn a living outside of the sex trade in Africa. Awesome concept, right?  Right!

The cherry on the cake though is that the scarves are beautiful! And soft! And each one is unique. I simply love them and am dearly tempted to buy one of each. My budget doesn't stretch that far and so this year I only bought one.

I can also tell you that the one (yes, one!) scarf I took to India with me, was a fashionABLE scarf. It was the best decision. It was perfect for the weather, the style of clothing and matched so many of my outfits.

Of the other two I bought last year and had to leave at home, one I wear a lot with my trench coat - the colours go together so well. The other one I have used as a picnic cloth, wrap and scarf. Did I mention versatile?

You know how people can be known for something they always wear? A statement ring, or big necklaces, or ... whatever. I think I'm becoming the scarf person. I always have one with me. I probably have more scarves than I have necklaces and shoes combined.

Anyway, looking forward to wearing this new scarf proudly and mentioning the good work they do at fashionABLE. Looking forward to next year's collection!

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