Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Day 13 - New computer

The company I work for has a great program. When our office supplied laptops get replaced, we have the option of purchasing our old laptops for a very good price. This is the only way I've been able to afford a new computer at home, every three years, for the last 9 years.

Just before I left Montreal for India, last January, I was advised that it was time to replace my laptop. However, seeing as I was going to be away on a leave of absence during the order processing time, I was told I would have to wait until my return in June to place this order.

So I went to India and I came home again. (Am asking myself why an awful lot lately, mostly thanks to the hideously cold weather.) I placed the order for the new laptop and the day came that I could pick up the new laptop and use that at my desk. Yeah! - a computer that worked faster (or so I'm told.)  Naturally, the IT department had to hang on to the old one for a little while to make sure of ... whatever they make sure of. A little while turned out to be a little longer than I thought possible. At long last, I picked up my old computer yesterday. Very nearly three months (I had been expecting about 1 month) from the time I picked up the new laptop, they finally decreed I could take my old one home.

I shouldn't complain. For less than $100 I have replaced this machine I'm using right now. It will be the weekend before I'm able to transfer my files and whatever else I should do. (May need to put in a call to Brother #1. *Ahem* - Hi, Eric!)

All of this to bring me to my point:  where can I get rid of an old laptop? It's 6 years old. It works fine. It's not fancy but it's pretty reliable. What happens to this poor thing that's been with me to India and back? Anybody have suggestions? I'd love to do something useful with it.

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